The CSR Performance Ladder certification standard includes agreements regarding the execution of CSR certification by the registered certification institutes. The following certification institutes are affiliated with Foundation Sustained Responsibility to certify CSR according to this standard:


BSI Group

Mr Sjoerd Wester

0031 611183066


Ms Sietske van der Beek

0031 88 9984464


Mr Arjen Werkmeester

0031 633880195


Mr Gert-Jan Roelofs

0031 317 453425

More information on applying the CSR Performance Ladder:

Information meetings, symposiums or online seminars are hosted regularly by the affiliated certification institutes with respect to the application and possibilities of the CSR Performance Ladder. You can consult the following links:

DNV GL Business Assurance B.V.
Tips for starting out with the CSR Performance Ladder
Training course Standard Knowledge of CSR Performance Ladder at DNV GL Business Assurance B.V.
Download the CSR Performance Ladder certification standard

LRQA, Lloyd's Register Nederland BV
Website of Lloyd's Register Nederland B.V. on CSR Performance Ladder

Kiwa Nederland B.V.
CSR Performance Ladder training course at Kiwa Nederland B.V.

Naturally, you can contact any of the affiliated certification institutes for additional information on the CSR Performance Ladder in a non-committal meeting.