Foundation Sustained Responsibility

Foundation Sustained Responsibility is the legal owner of the CSR Performance Ladder and controls this standard's copyright by means of user agreements. Foundation Sustained Responsibility provides administrative support, enters into license agreements with registered certification institutes and contributes to the general world-wide representation of CSR interests.

Foundation Sustained Responsibility's board is made up of representatives from the affiliated and qualified certification institutes and currently consists of:

Marius Rodenburg


Wim van Vreeswijk


Marco van Gijlswijk


Central Board of Experts

CSR Performance Ladder would like to stay in contact with stakeholders in terms of corporate social responsibility. To this end, CSR Performance Ladder formed a Central Board of Experts. The members of this board, who supervise the execution of the standard and adjust it if necessary, work for organizations that focus on human rights, peace, safety and environment (NGOs) or government. We strive for a balanced distribution of all stakeholders in the formation of the Central Board of Experts.

The board's task is to inform certification institutes on using CSR Performance Ladder. The following matters could be discussed in this:

  • The content of the standard (what can be improved, what needs to be different, what is unclear, which evolving insight is developing, etc.)
  • What requirements are set to certification institutes and their auditors?
  • How is the standard tested and how can you ensure that it actually takes place?
  • How can you ensure that the certificate is clear and distinctive towards the outside world.

Members of the Central Board of Experts:

When you click the name of the member in question, you will visit his or her LinkedIn page.

de heer Gerard Zwetsloot - Gerard Zwetsloot Research & Consultancy (chairman)
de heer Marthijn Junggeburth – Bavaria N.V.
de heer Theun Lourens – PostNL
de heer Aron Kuijper - G.P. Groot B.V.
de heer Bas Logister - Sika Benelux
de heer Edwin Treffers - Stedin
de heer Tristan Koch - Centric
De heer Jeroen Eeuwijk – Koninklijke Van Twist
De heer Niels van den Beucken – Arte
mevrouw Elise Steenbergen (secretaris)

Are you interested in the Central Board of Experts and do you want to contribute? Then please contact the administrative department.