What is the CSR Performance Ladder?

The CSR Performance Ladder is unique; there is no other standard that includes CSR in a Management System. The CSR Performance Ladder allows for the continuous development of 31 CSR themes by means of a Management System and by deliberating with the stakeholders. This ensures doing business sustainably with a right balance between People, Planet and Profit.

The CSR Performance Ladder is a Management System and certification standard for Corporate Social Responsibility. The certificate makes your sustainable development tangible and objectively verifiable.

It is inspired by internationally accepted documents, such as ISO 26000, ISO 9001:2015, AA1000 and the Global Report Initiative (GRI). The standard's structure is identical to the structure of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It is structured according to the so-called High Level Structure and, as such, can be structured as a Management System and integrated with current Management Systems.

The CSR Performance Ladder is in effect in the Netherlands from 2010 onwards and is internationally recognized from 2015 onwards. CSR and sustainability are valued by major clients and the government in their invitations to tender. Thus, the CSR Performance Ladder fits in perfectly with the CO2 Performance Ladder where both standards support each other.

The CSR Performance Ladder is based on communication with stakeholders based on recognizable CSR indicators in the Management System. There are five levels in the CSR Performance Ladder; it is up to you as entrepreneur to receive certification for one of the five levels.

CSR Performance Ladder version 3

Starting March 1st 2020 and mandatory per March 1st 2021.
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