BAM gives great importance to corporate social responsibility. Not only are the welfare and development of our own employees important to us, but BAM also wants to make a really positive difference in the lives of the people around our projects in the broadest sense of the word. BAM’s sustainability focus helps clients to accelerate their objectives with new and better sustainable solutions. We focus on lifecycle solutions to manage the lifecycle of materials and carbon throughout the lifecycle of assets. This is critical to reducing the footprint of our business and that of our clients and suppliers. Our CSR Performance Ladder certification (MVO-prestatieladder) keeps us on our toes and helps us to excel in those CSR themes that are relevant to us and to pay sufficient attention to the other CSR themes on the ladder. This ensures sustainable enterprise with the right balance between People, Planet and Profit. What makes the CSR performance ladder unique is its breadth and direct link to the United nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Peter van Leeuwen
Executive director
BAM Bouw en Techniek B.V.


‘Rabobank has an active Sustainability Policy. Rabobank supports sustainable development at its customers by means of financial solutions, insights, knowledge and access to networks. Improving sustainability is good for people, businesses and communities. In order to give sustainability an additional impulse, Rabobank introduced the Rabo Impact Loan for sustainable frontrunners on the commercial market. Limited resources were developed for this specific target group in collaboration with the European Investment Bank.

Rabobank assesses the attribution of the resources for frontrunners on the basis of the company's general policy and activities and also includes, among other things, a select number of hallmarks in its decision. Rabobank has selected a limited number of hallmarks for the Impact Loan that, in the eyes of the bank, represent clear added value in the field of sustainable/responsible development in business operations and/or in the field of fair trade. We included CSR Performance Ladder in our selection.'

Alain Cracau
Team Manager Business Development