Gecertificeerde organisaties

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  • Follo Ren IKS

    Valid until: 23 August 2021
    Type certificate: main

    “Follo Ren IKS provides economically, healthily and environmentally optimal waste management that falls within the Norwegian Pollution act. This implies:
    Responsibility for collecting, transporting and processing waste from households and corporate customers in te owner municipalities.”

  • RadøyGruppen AS

    Geldig tot en met: 22-11-2020
    Type certificaat: hoofd

    Production, installation, maintenance and upgrading of structures for the subsea, offshore and maritime markets


    Geldig tot en met: 13 maart 2021

    Type certificaat: hoofd

    Collection, transportation and processing of inert and ordinary waste. Collection, transportation, repacking and simpler treatment of hazardous waste. Sales and rental of waste collection equipment, water and sludge services, consulting services within waste en recycling.